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Man shares the 'right' way to use travel pillows and it's blowing people's minds

Many people have one, fixed method of using a travel pillow but a few are debating that they have been doing it wrong.
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kenneth Surillo
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kenneth Surillo

Long flights can get tiresome and before the jetlag that affects people later, sleeping in the seat can lead to physical strain. This is where travel pillows come in with the gap in the front and the curve at the back, that seems to support the neck. However, many debate that this method is wrong. A man, who goes by @sidneyraz on TikTok, shared the same in a video and explained that one should be sleeping with the travel pillows in the opposite manner. The user who posts several hacks, tips, and tricks to lifestyle, shared an effortless way to use travel pillows and suggested that the same is more beneficial to the person. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Vlada Karpovich
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vlada Karpovich

“Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s. Travel pillows go in front!” the man exclaimed. He demonstrated how turning the travel pillow around makes it so much more comfortable for the person. Placing the gap of the travel pillow at the back of the neck allows people to tilt their head and neck as much as they need to with adequate support. But other users were so accustomed to the older method of using a travel pillow that they debated the man’s perspective.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

Many held on to the belief that the pillows were originally meant to be used by placing the curve at the bacm. added, “They’re not supposed to go in front. You can if you want them to.” @abaca87nm remarked, “It depends on how you want to sleep in the car or plane.” However, several others thought it was a sensible opinion. @g_vegmitessandwich wrote, “This makes so much sense. Why do they advertise it with the wrong method then?” @ce_bbrazzen added, “Not me using it correctly, and then everyone telling me I’m using it wrong.”

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok | @bailey..0923

@namauste exclaimed, “Thank you for putting it out there! Got a solid 5-hour sleep on a 9-hour flight.” There has apparently been a lengthy debate on what is the right way to use C-shaped travel pillows. Many believe the maximum comfort depends on the way a person sleeps. Using the pillow in line with the older method, with the gap forward, causes the chin to jerk forward, creating a disturbance, as per the Point Guy. Even in the case of turbulence, should there be any jolting or movement, the person’s head and neck won’t be secure as the gap in the front will cause them to shift out of their comfort fit.

Image Source: TikTok|@r0b1209
Image Source: TikTok| @r0b1209

When the gap is at the back, there is more security in the front as the chin is supported by the U-shape of the pillow. In this case, should the person jerk forward, the pillow will support their chin. The headrest of the seat already works well to support the neck and the pillow supporting the chin provides a more snuggled and comforting support. The tilting of the head sideways doesn’t affect either position of the pillow since the sides remain the same. It’s only the front and back that users have to be conscious about.