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Carer moved to tears on seeing King’s Guard response to nervous teen with Down syndrome

The caregiver had accompanied the teen to Buckingham Palace where they met a royal guard who left them stunned with his wholesome kindness.
2 days ago

Guy flies to France to surprise his girlfriend. Big blunder

The boyfriend and the girlfriend go out of their way to surprise each other and it is one of the sweetest things on the internet.
3 days ago

Wife asks if she is more or less attractive after childbirth and her husband's response had her in tears

The mom wasn't sure about asking the question but the husband's wholesome response left her grinning like a kid.
4 days ago

Widow and widower asked by their dying spouses to get married again blessed with a 'miracle'

After Kirsten and Valerie lost their respective partners to cancer, they never thought they'd find love again, until they miraculously did.
6 days ago

15-year-old playing hide and seek with friends surprisingly ends up in another country

The boy was so engrossed in the game that he didn't realize where he was going. A week later, he was shocked to find himself in a foreign country.
7 days ago

Question from 5th grader's math test baffles many on the internet

Adults are hysterically losing it over a 5th grader's math problem that seems easy but not many are able to solve it.
Jul 14, 2024

Mind-blowing 40-second video shows evolution of Earth's tectonic plates over the past billion years

A stunning animation revealed that the continents that we see today were nowhere near the same a billion years ago
Jul 13, 2024

Man reveals mind-boggling math trick and people regret not knowing it earlier

People were astounded after Ben Stephens shared a super easy yet brilliant hack to do the calculation that was otherwise taking a lot of time.
Jul 12, 2024

67-year-old woman attacked by intruder leaves him shocked with her flawless martial arts skills

The intruder, who planned on to hurt the old woman and her friend, ended up blurting "You’re hurting me" because of her martial arts moves.
Jul 11, 2024

Man shares the 'right' way to use travel pillows and it's blowing people's minds

Many people have one, fixed method of using a travel pillow but a few are debating that they have been doing it wrong.
Jul 10, 2024

Incredible clip shows firefighters responding to call of duty while engrossed in crucial soccer match

The men were glued to the TV screen watching a World Cup match but when they heard the fire alarm, they were ready to respond to their call of duty.
Jul 9, 2024

Astonishing camera system captures colors just the way animals experience them and it's phenomenal

Scientists developed a camera to understand how animals view colors and the results are vibrantly vivid.
Jul 9, 2024

Gatecrashers leave bride and groom stunned with their unbelievably hilarious wedding gift

The gatecrashers came, enjoyed the wedding, and were also sure to leave a gift for the newlyweds that left them utterly surprised.
Jul 8, 2024

Groundbreaking video shows plant ‘talking’ to neighboring plant and it's just incredible

Scientists have forever known that plants can communicate but only through this footage were they able to figure out how.
Jul 5, 2024

Supermarket keeps retraining employee with alzheimer's so she can continue working the job she loves

The woman's son thanked the supermarket for everything they did selflessly for his mom, by always prioritizing her comfort.
Jul 4, 2024

George Bush Sr.'s epic memo to all White House staff about his fat dog is as funny as it gets

Addressing the 'affection' his dog Ranger received from the staff members, the former president penned down the most comical memo.
Jul 3, 2024

Experts reveal if the popular '5-second rule' for food is true or not

Everyone swears by the 5-second rule about food falling on the floor. But is it really true? Experts have valuable input
Jul 2, 2024

Dad who took a loan to afford to send daughter to college moved to tears by wholesome miracle

The dad had made painstaking efforts along with taking a loan so that his daughter could afford college.
Jul 1, 2024

U.S. Government’s recommended thermostat temperatures have everyone stunned

The U.S. government recently shared preferable thermostat room temperatures and people hysterically disagree.
Jun 28, 2024

The way you count on your fingers can insightfully reveal much more about you, says study

Research was done to understand how finger counting can reveal a lot about a person's cognitive abilities and it's intriguing.
Jun 27, 2024